O, Lord, our God,

We gather today in gratitude for your grace beyond our ability to measure or comprehend.

At this particular time, O God, in our local community, our state, our country and indeed in our world, we find ourselves in the midst of most unusual circumstances affecting all facets of daily life. Life as we know it has been disrupted by the threat of a previously unknown illness sweeping across the globe. We give thanks for the healthcare providers, the scientists, researchers, and other experts who are working around the clock to help discover how to stem the tide of this threat, and we seek your blessing on the work they are performing so admirably. We ask for your blessing as well on the leaders of government and others in authority who are working to reassure citizens of the world who are frightened and threatened. Please use your hand to bring wisdom to those who lead us.

And, Father, for those who are quarantined and all who are practicing distancing measures among family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, we ask that you help us to find patience in abundance to help weather the uncertainty and inconvenience we may experience. Please be with those feeling isolated, for we know that, with you, none of us is truly alone. In our hearts, Lord, we pray in silence for those who are dealing with loss, sickness, anxiousness and uncertainty. Use us to touch them however possible.

We are grateful for this church and its ministers and ministries; help those to grow and prosper now and in the days ahead.

God, we know your hand is on the wheel, and that you will help to bring love, comfort and reassurance to those who suffer. Please accept the prayers of your people and strengthen us to do your will.

Through Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder David M. Beacham