Loving God,

We gratefully acknowledge your presence in the world and in daily life.  We know You are leading the world toward the future You have for it. 

Hear us as we pray for the 46% of children in the City of Spartanburg, 3500 children, many just a short walk from where we are now, who live in poverty. We pray for these and all children facing hardships.  They are “the least of these,” the people least able to change their circumstances and yet bearing the greatest burdens of those circumstances.  Each one is your precious child.

May they be safe – from violence and poverty - and accompanying harmful stress.  May they have quality education and medical and preventative care.  May they lead lives of abundant love and opportunity, and become all that You intend them to be.

We pray for their families and neighborhoods.  May they have access to resources, services, and systems that benefit them.  We pray for their communities (like Spartanburg), states and nations - and those who hold power, that they may know, and have the strength to do what is right.

We pray for First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg, and for the church universal – that we may know, and have the strength to do what is right.  Open our eyes.  Open our hearts.  Show us our privilege and with it, our responsibility.  Give us grace that conforms our hearts and minds to Your purpose.

We give thanks for new life and ask Your blessing upon Helen Pinckney Berry, daughter of Brooksie and David Berry Jr, born on April 4 - that You will watch over her, inspire her, and guide her.

Hear our prayers, God of grace,

All this we are bold to ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mrs. Jessalyn W. Story, Elder