Dear God, 

Thank you for your presence in this place of worship. We come before you with humble hearts and ask that you grant us mercy and forgiveness for our shortcomings. 

We give thanks and celebrate the births of Emmett Steven Chastain, son of Erin and Matt Chastain, born on July 11, and Quincy Stanford Halliday, V “Ford”, son of Danielle and Quincy Halliday, born on June 29.

We intercede today for those with heavy hearts. Lord, hear these prayers of grief, loss, worry or fear and bring relief. These burdens overwhelm us at times, but the Psalmist reminds us You daily bear our burdens. Jesus tells us when we bring our burdens to him, we find rest for our souls . Grant us rest, peace and reassurance that we are not alone.

We lift up the children who do not have safe and loving families. Many endure inexplicable harm and neglect by the hands of those who should love and protect them. They witness domestic violence, drug abuse, mental illness and other forms of adversity that cause lifelong harm if we do not intervene. Dear God, grant safety and healing to these children and families.

We pray for people who struggle with poverty and stable housing. Often, these individuals are cast aside and blamed for their condition. Give us generous hearts and keen minds to find solutions for these issues and share your love in a tangible way. 

We pray for mothers, fathers and grandparents who struggle to help family members suffering from addiction, mental illness or other serious illnesses. Open our eyes to these needs around us and help us better serve those in need of hope. 

Thank you for bringing safety to the children and coach in Thailand. Let us not forgot that thousands of children daily are not safe. Some are forced into slavery and some are separated from their families while seeking safety in this country. Give us the same urgency for these children that we had for the children trapped in the cave. Grant us wisdom and give us the mindset of Christ so that we will overcome evil with good. 

We lay these burdens and those not spoken before you - the Great I AM, the ultimate healer. In you, all things are possible. 

God of mercy and love - hear our prayers, open our hearts and heal our brokenness.
To God be the glory - AMEN