Almighty God, who taught us to pray not only for ourselves but for people everywhere,
hear us as we pray for others, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Inspire the whole church with your power, unity, and peace.

We give you thanks and praise for the love and dedication of Beth Burris.  May her work with the children of this church continue to be a blessing for all who have worked together with Beth, and the roots of Christian love and education that she has shared with them help them to continue to grow in knowing you, Lord Jesus.  Bless Beth as she moves into the next part of her life, and let her know she always has a home in First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg.

We pray for the health and growth of the hundreds of children out west who have been reunited with their families, and we pray for the protection and care of those still remain separated from their families. We pray, Lord, for you to lead our nations in the way of justice and goodwill.

We pray together for all those who suffer with sudden loss, and especially for the family and friends of Rev. G. Wayne Cole, former Associate Pastor for Youth here at First Pres, who passed away on Wednesday, July 25.  Grant that all who trust you may find solace and peace in your Word, and feel the comfort of those who love them, and the support of our church.

We pray for caretakers, doctors, and police officers in our community, those who care for the sick, the oppressed, the weak and those who are endangered.  We pray for the Holy Spirit to fill them with the strength to face each day with purpose, and protect their peace of mind and bodies so they can be your hands on earth.   

As we move towards the end of the summer, and thoughts turn to new beginning of school, please be with all the students who are starting their college orientations, making plans to live, study and grow in their new college communities.  Please be with all their families as we reshape our lives to reflect this new reality of college.  Show us new ways to be present to each other in love and in trust. Calm our fears. Strengthen and protect our children in the midst of the challenges and temptations which surround all students. Grant them great courage to stand for your truth against compromises of faith. Provide them with good friends and worthy confidants, as well as good instructors. Help us to give support and confidence, to discern how we are needed now, and to pass on, in love, a measure of the strength and courage you have given us in the gift of parenting. Guide them to find the UKirk in their new church communities, so that our Presbyterian family can continue to help them grow and worship in your love.

Hear our prayers, God of grace,
and help us to fulfill them,
working according to your purpose,
in peace, justice, and mercy,
in all we do;
through Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen