Almighty God,
As our church faces uncertainty about the future, bring us word of your unfailing love. That’s all we really need—the assurance of your unwavering, boundless love. Help us to trust in you as we seek:
•       The right person to shepherd our children and instill in them a love for you  and their fellow man, and a passion for learning about your and their world;
•       The right person to love and nurture our youth as they prepare to go out into your world and become the adults you intend for them to be;
•       The right person to minister to our young adults as they take on the challenges of careers and families while becoming ever closer to you.
It’s the assurance of your steadfast love that enables us to trust you with the transitions of life, in our own lives and in the life of our church. 
God, as we open our hearts to accept your constant love, help us also to radiate that love to others here on Earth; 
To those who are struggling with poverty; with illness; with child-rearing; with aging parents; and to those who are struggling with their faith.
Lord, please pour out your blessings upon William Arthur Shirley, III, son of Lee and Will Shirley, born on Monday, March 11th;   and
Please comfort Jimmy Brock and his family as they cope with the great loss of Barbara Jane Mitchell Brock.
Thank you, God of the universe, that you come close and you hear the prayers of your people.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Mrs. Suzanne B. Cole, Elder