God of Grace, God of Glory, we come before you on Confirmation Sunday with thanksgiving for our youth ministry and for the pastors, lay leaders and parents who have guided our 9th graders through:

  • Learning the essentials of the faith;
  • Determining their spiritual gifts of Administration, Discernment, Evangelism, Exhortation, Faith, Giving, Hospitality, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Service, and Teaching;
  • And writing personal statements of faith.

Help us to remember the importance of the young to the life of our congregation and to the maintenance of the faith.

We pray for the ministries to young people in Spartanburg, many led and supported by members of this congregation. We ask your blessing on our upcoming poverty initiative and the spiritual gifts of those leading it. May we find ways to extend its impact beyond Spartanburg.

Loving God, whose son Jesus cared deeply for ordinary people who came to him for healing, we ask your intercession especially for

  • Those suffering physical or emotional distress;
  • Those dealing with addiction;
  • Those experiencing economic hardship;
  • Those who are hungry and those who are homeless;
  • Those dealing with disappointment and loss;
  • Those who are grieving.

Comfort especially the family and friends of Paula Main Lathan, whose husband Steve and their children and grandchildren are mourning her passing.

Open our hearts to all who are hurting. Give us courage to empathize with them and the wisdom to find appropriate ways to help.

We pray that not only we, but also those in power, have the strength and persistence to do what is right, acting with your compassion, sympathy, and love.

Hear our prayers, God of grace. Help us to act in love: exemplifying peace, justice, and mercy in all we do; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Mrs. Suzanne H. McDaniel, Elder