Holy God, we come before you as your humble servants, grateful for the goodness you have heaped upon us.  During these very unsettling times of discontent, we pray that you will soften our hearts and give us your peace.  Let us accept our neighbors as ourselves, let us lean on you for direction and not upon our own understandings, let us show true love as we go about our lives so that others will see Christ in us.  We thank you for your Son and the promise that we are not forgotten and never alone. 

Let us as people of privilege – with plenty of food, shelter, safety and resources – reach out to those in need.  We pray for the families who have lost loved ones through violence and senseless acts, we pray for those who are devastated by fires and floods, and we pray for those who defend our freedoms.  Give them peace, Lord.

We pray for our church and the church universal that as a body of believers we will have a mind to do your will.  We pray for our brothers and sisters who are lonely, sick, and discouraged. As we approach this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, let us be mindful that some are heavy burdened.  Guide us Lord to be your eyes, hands and heart offering comfort.

We pray for all of our elected leaders locally and nationally as they seek to make the best decisions in their work.  We pray that they will act with kindness and humility and work for justice while also assured that all the gifts they hold are from you. 

Hear our prayers, God of grace and help us to live up to these prayers.  Make us your instruments. In the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, amen.

Dr. Gloria W. Close, Elder