Holy God, Creator of the universe, hallowed be your name. You have given us the precious gift of life, the bittersweet complexity of relationships, the beauty of nature, the people who have taught us kindness and how to love one another.  We gather to worship you, but also to seek your presence. Therefore, loving Spirit, reveal yourself. Reveal to us your unfailing love, that we might be renewed in spirit, mind, and soul.

For those with sorrow in their hearts or pain in their bodies and minds, may they know that you understand their suffering, and that you are there with them.  We also pray that you allow for their burden to be easier. Take care of the pain wherever it may be. Use your healing power to do your work.  We pray, O God, for your love to overwhelm, for your kingdom to come, and your will be done.

We pray for those who have been affected by natural disasters, sudden accidents, sickness, and wherever innocent people have lost their lives. Provide your daily bread of comfort and strength, endurance and grace.

We pray for our own children and the children of the world that they may be loved. We thank you for our parents, those who have died and those still living. We pray for this church, that you would continue leading us into our unknown future, moving us to seek your vision. We pray for our pastors and new members who have come each month and young babies baptized in your name. We give thanks for longtime members, who offer legacy and wisdom and welcome.

And God of justice, as we see our country continue to be divided during this election season, may you remind us that our hope is in you. For those who can vote, may they ask for your wisdom, love, and compassion as they enter into their civil duties. For those registering to vote, may you remind us that nothing matters but your kingdom, but because of your kingdom everything matters. 

Forgive us our many debts, dear God—how we forget to love you with our whole selves and sometimes forget to love one another as you have loved us. As we head into this week bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mrs. Monica I. Threatt, Elder