Almighty and merciful God, you are the power behind all things seen and unseen.  We know you are here — in this place, now — in our midst; Empower us to glorify You and Your creation; Dwell in us more fully that we may exalt You with all our being; Fill us with a sense of Your joy, that we may delight in Your worship.

Almighty God, we confess how hard it is to be your people.  We know that we are too inclined toward anger, jealousy, ambition & pride.  You have called us to be your Church - to continue the mission of Jesus Christ.  Remove the barriers preventing us from being your servants to a broken and painful world.

Holy God, our praise can never match the profound measure of your grace and mercy.  In your providence we have been kept, from your bounty we have received.

Teach us to be the body and spirit of Jesus Christ here on earth— his hands, his feet, his eyes, and his compassionate and resolute heart.

Where we find chaos, fill us with calm.

Where we find tragedy, fill with compassion and care.

Where we find conflict, fill us with peace and reconciliation.

Where we find despair, fill us with hope and mercy.

In our gladness and in our grieving – in our brokenness and in our healing – you are the God who made us and who redeemed us through Christ – and you are the God who forever loves us and keeps us.