Holy God, Today we recognize and celebrate the calling of those who will be teachers and leaders in our educational programs for children, youth, and adults in the coming year.

This calling requires energy, patience, commitment, hard work, and a heart for God’s Word and God’s people. 
And as we celebrate that calling, we pray for their work and pledge our support to them.
Let us go to God in prayer for the teachers of our faith and all that we bring to God in our hearts this morning:
Lord, We pray for all of our precious children as they seek you in our halls. We pray that they will learn of your power and love, and that they will develop a lifelong relationship with you.
We pray for all those who teach and lead, O God. Inspire them with creativity and commitment, and provide opportunities for their rest and renewal. 
May the lessons learned here have a ripple effect that changes our world for the better.
Lord, we also give you thanksgiving for the life of church member, Lawrence Ronald Hurst, husband of Susie, who passed away on Thursday, September 6. Please be with Ron’s loved ones as they cope with his passing.
God of grace, pour out your Holy Spirit on these your servants, that they may be faithful teachers and leaders in the church. Give them ears to hear the Holy Spirit’s leading; anoint their lips to speak your truth with power. In everything, give them the mind of Christ, who taught in deed as well as in word. Give them joy in their work, and a sure sense of your abiding presence for their work of ministry. We pray also for our confirmands and their parents, for learners of every age and for those who help them to grow in faith. May we all seek after you with faith and diligence, that we may find you, that we may grow ever closer to you, that we may follow where our Savior leads us. For it is in His name that we pray. Amen.