Our Dear Heavenly Father,
In ten days we celebrate your greatest gift to us – the birth of thy son who came to us as “LOVE” bundled in swaddling clothes and born in a manger.
We pray that the leaders in the world would follow the teachings of this “King of Kings” and seek peace as this” Prince of Peace” has taught us to do.

We pray that our wonderful country will continue to have the courage to be THE voice of freedom and truth in the world because “In God We Trusted.”
We pray for those who serve in leadership in our state and in our communities and that all of our people and especially our children will share in the opportunities to move forward together.
We ask thy blessings on our dedicated staff and ministers during this busy time. We are thankful for the gift of the magnificent performance of “The Messiah” and pray for Holt and Marcia as they travel about the world themselves being inspired even more to return and continue their inspiring work here.

Dear Lord we pray for those who are struggling with sickness and suffering and those who have lost loved ones that they may know “the wonders of your love” through us.
Especially we ask your blessing for peace and hope for the Purinton family and give thanks for the
life of Clarcy - a loving wife, mother, and dear friend.

May the gift in our hearts of love make this the most blessed and holy Christmas ever.

Dr. David P. Berry, Elder