Heavenly Father,

We ask for your guidance. Lead our congregation as we navigate each new day. As the Church Universal help us to sway the world-to aim for conciliation and enlightenment. Globally let us pray for our leaders, who bear great responsibilities. Locally let us pray for those around us engaged in public and private struggles.

Recent community challenges have emphasized our need for Your Presence and Your Consolation. Many of us have endured the devastation of our homes and properties, loss of our treasured keepsakes and added financial burdens. Each day keep us ever mindful of the physically ill, emotionally troubled or spiritually exhausted. Give special grace to those facing critical decisions, going through challenging transitions and dealing with loss and consequent grief. To respond to constant needs we need You constantly.

Heavenly Father, we ask that You be our foundation. We don’t know Your plans. We don’t even know ourselves fully and we often feel that we are traveling in the darkness. But you are our light and you can lead us when don’t see the way ahead and can only rely on your mercy. Please hear our prayer, O God - fulfill our petitions as you see fit and grow our faith. Amen

Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer, Elder