Our Heavenly Father,

Giver, of all gifts, endowing us with blessings without number, we praise You for You are God. You made our world and love us without reservation. We thank You for our greatest gift, Your Son Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

We live in a time of turmoil, division and grief. A time of global health crisis. Give us wisdom to find answers and strength to do the work. We ask your guidance for our world leaders, to lead us closer to a time of unity and peace. Be with our country as we navigate a Presidential election year. Help all of us to keep the rhetoric rational, constructive and cordial. We pray for our local leaders that they make decisions of justice with discernment, insight, and impartiality for the good of all.

With the help of the Holy Spirit guide our church in working with local leaders and groups to find ways to diminish child poverty, homelessness, hunger, and mental anguish. We ask a special blessing on our mission project at Cleveland Academy to enhance mathematical skills of young children so that they may have a future.

Our hearts are full of joy for Joanne and Eddie, grateful that You brought them together and trusting that You will guide them on their new journey together.

And, finally, Lord, be with all those who suffer sickness, grief, anxiety, and loneliness. Assist us in giving them support, healing, and comfort. Let us be Your hands in this world.

We pray all these things through Jesus Christ our Lord…

Mrs. Martha T. Bean, Elder