We call on you with thanksgiving, Lord of all creation,

and we come before you with our whole hearts.

We call on you now, on your love and faithfulness,

Trusting that you are with us in our deepest need.

We call to you, trusting that you will answer.

We pray for all who are sick, suffering, or struggling;

We pray for all who grieving loss,

And this week ask special prayers the family and loved ones of Mary Ann Stafford and Joella Utley.

O Lord, have mercy on them,

and bring them your peace which surpasses all understanding.

We pray for those who govern nations and hold power in the world;

As well as our local leaders who are working tirelessly to make this community a better place.

Speak your words of wisdom and justice, and let there be ears to hear.

Holy God, we pray for those who are weighed down

by injustice, violence, or fear;

especially those in our own community

who face the harsh realities of poverty every single day.

Lift up the “least of these” and bring forth justice;

increase our compassion.

We call on you for ourselves,

in the midst of whatever trouble we may find ourselves in.

Walk along with us and guide us as we struggle to do your will.

O Lord, make good the purposes for which you have called us.

We trust in your enduring love,

incarnate in Jesus Christ,

Our rock in the Rapids.


Rev. Leslie Lang, Associate Pastor for Young Adults & Mission