“Let us pray over our mission participants, as well as your Prayers for the People.

Let us pray. Gracious and Loving God, you know that we live in a world of need. And that it is us, the followers of you, that you have called to serve others. And God for these students, their parents, and the leaders of these trips, may you be with us as we travel from this place, out of our comfort zones, to serve those in need. And that they may see your light, God, through us. Seeking love in a broken world. Peace in what seems like never ending anxiety. God there are nations in civil war, countries in tension with one another, regimes bent on harming their own citizens. Oh God we pray for peace. In our own nation, often divided by politics, may you help our leaders work together to serve our citizens. God there are communities across our country that are fighting battles like racism, sexism, discrimination of all kinds. God may we learn to see others in your image, our neighbor, and learn to love one another, just as you have loved us. God for people struggling in our own community of Spartanburg, or even right here in our congregation. You know. Homelessness. Job loss. Addiction. Mental illness. Strained relationships. Broken families. We know that it’s only in you God that we can find healing. And God on this Father’s Day, may we lift up all Fathers. Biological Fathers. Adopted Fathers. Step Fathers. Those who want to be Fathers, but cannot. Fathers in strained relationships. Those who serve as Father figures in our lives. And God those Fathers that are no longer with us who we miss dearly on this day, but know they are now with you in Heaven. For Fathers that like all of us are in need of grace, we thank you Oh God, for you are our perfect and Heavenly Father, for sending your son Jesus Christ, savior of the world. It’s in your name we pray, Amen.”

- Robert Bannan, Minister for Youth and Campus Ministries