Precious Lord,

We bow before you today as your humble servants, grateful for the many gifts you have given us individually and collectively. We thank you for this church, these believers who love us and hold us up every day. Guide us Lord to do your will and to shine your greatness into the world.

We give thanks for the life of Jack Keith who taught us how to live with a smile and a Christ-like presence.

We pray for our nation that our leaders will have hearts and minds to practice peace, equity, justice and mercy in their decision making. We ask that you give discernment to our state and community leaders as they work to improve life for all of us.

Father, as we enter the season of thanksgiving, make us mindful of the blessings we have and let us give to others generously and cheerfully. Take away the yokes that separate us from you and your goodness.

Turn our hearts Lord to look past ourselves and to see you in every face we see. I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Dr. Gloria W. Close, Elder