Music conveys the message of love, perhaps like no other medium. Who can hear beautiful tunes like "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" or "Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet" and not feel emotions swell?

But the emotion that Andy Williams and Elvis Pressley sing of pales in comparison to the love that God demonstrates to us. God clearly demonstrates His message of love by His presence with us. "Time equals Love" is not a mathematical formula. It is a life-giving formula. It is the manifestation of Christ through us. It is the Holy Spirit alive and well in the world.

God has given us His time, and thus His love, through Jesus long ago and the Holy Spirit present today. What will you do with your gift of love this Advent season? Perhaps seek out those who need your time and surprise them with God's love demonstrated to you. Walking with someone through a difficult time is about the best gift a person can give. It gives all of the Advent gifts of hope, peace, joy and, yes, love, to someone in need.

Let us all sing:
Behold the amazing gift of love,
Thy Father has bestowed,
On us the sinful sons of men,
To call us sons of God! (Isaac Watts, 1709)