Nativity sets are a very special part of the Advent celebration to me. I have several sets that will soon be coming out of their storage boxes. One is a very old set—with a sheep that is missing a leg. But he makes it to the stable each year—and leans against the manger. There is another set hand stitched by my mother—what a treasure (my mother AND the set).

However, there is one Nativity set that is not stored in a box—but in my heart. About 60 years ago (plus or minus a couple of years) our church presented a live Nativity scene. Yes, there were animals on the front lawn of First Presbyterian. Along with other members of the youth group, I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the angel choir. We climbed up the stairs into the bell tower. At the appropriate time in the Christmas story, our white-robed appearance at the open windows proclaimed the news of the birth of Jesus. I don’t remember everything about those performances: how cold we were; how many times we did it; the conditions inside the tower; the danger we were probably in. I do remember the joy and excitement of being part of telling the story. So—this Advent, join me in the spirit of the ancient choir as we spread the news of Luke 2:11—For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.

Sylvia Jennings

About the Contributor

Sylvia Jennings is a long-time member of First Presbyterian. She is active in the music program and an inactive Elder.