The glorious sounds of Christmas are many. From songs on the radio and in stores, to the soft tinkling of bells on a door knob, we hear sounds that remind us of Advent and Christmas. 

We are blessed at FPC Spartanburg to hear a variety of beautiful organ, piano, handbell, string, percussion, brass, wind, and choral music all throughout the year, but especially at Advent and Christmas! Many times, I am so moved by our worship music that I feel as if my head is lifted off my shoulders and that my spirit is touching heaven.

It is the Christmas Eve Service of 2007 that will be forever ingrained in my memory with a special song. Our daughter Charlotte was 10 years old and had been asked to sing a solo part of the song, All is Well, with the Chancel Choir. The choir sang the message of angels rejoicing that Jesus, our Lord and Savior had come, so let us all sing and tell that all is well!! 

That Christmas was a special one for our family, as we had received good news that treatments for my father’s cancer had, for the moment, put him into remission. The song, All is Well, had a profound meaning for us. We knew that medicine had destroyed cancer cells but at the same time, we knew and had peace, that dad would be made completely well in his heavenly home.

The message of Christmas through music touches many of us in such a loving and tender way. As we celebrate the coming of Christ this year, may our ears be open to the loving message that because Christ came to save us all that “All is Well.”

Beth Neidenbach

About the Contributor

Beth Walpole Neidenbach grew up at FPC. She is married to Peter and they have four children. She enjoys making friends of all ages through the Tickled Pink study, and getting to know 5th graders and their parents as they learn about being a part of the acolyte team.