Unity Presbyterian Church was formed in September 1982 and is located on Rainbow Lake Road in the Boiling Springs area. Its mission is to “spread the word of God to all who will hear.” Commissioned Ruling Elder Mike Turner, a member of First Presbyterian Church Spartanburg, has served as Pastor of this small church family since 2006.

When the church began, its invitation to the Boiling Springs community described Unity as “a church who freely invites you into God’s family. God loves you, unconditionally, and so do we! He accepts you as you are and so do we. God is making this unconditional acceptance a reality to you through the faces, the hands and the responses of the United family of faith. Come into His family. God offers you acceptance, love, forgiveness, healing and purpose.”

Almost 25 years later Unity still offers a strong sense of family. Membership has risen and fallen during the years since Elder Edith Daniels worked so hard for the success of Unity. Current Supply Pastor Turner says the church survives on grace, love and caring for one another as Jesus taught. Unity is alive and well and ready to accept the challenges of small church ministry.

Your love has sustained us. Your grace has redeemed us. Your spirit and your word have led us to be comforted in the assurance of our faith. In spite of our past mistakes, forgive us and be the light that illuminates our everlasting future. In the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.