First Presbyterian Church has made a commitment to visiting with our sisters and brothers in the Caribbean, that need our help. Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake in 2010. This devastating event took many lives, and the resulting state of the world’s poorest country, was unfathomable. You may not believe you have any talents that could help in Haiti, but you do. The people of Haiti need you. They need FPC to visit and commit to building new homes, provide scholarships to the children, and build new schools and medical clinics. Your talents can help. Are you a doctor, engineer, or just person willing to help? Haiti Outreach Ministries and FPC Spartanburg want you to show your talents.

You might ask why? What could I provide? How can I make a difference? By visiting with the people of Haiti, you can learn about another culture, the will to survive, and become vital again. You will experience a connection with people outside of Spartanburg. You will want to be a part of this mission family.